Last Updated On: 11/01/2017

Other Minutes

  Minutes of the Meeting of Sports Medicine and Sports Science Staff with DG SAI. (1139KB)
 Minutes of Meeting to review the preparation of SAI venues for FIFA U17 World Cup. (143KB)
 Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Division with DG. (51KB)
 Minutes of the Meeting on review Coaching framework in SAI. (159KB)
 MOM of VC of DG SAI with SAI RC on 27.05.2015. (510KB)
 MOM of VC of DG SAI with SAI RC Kolkata on 29.03.2016 (453KB)
 MOM of VC of DG SAI with SAI RC Bengaluru on 30.11.2015 (428KB)
 MOM of VC of DG SAI with SAI RC Bhopal on 07.12.2015 (252KB)
 Minutes of the Meeting between Officials of Sports Authority of India & University of Birmingham for Cooperation and Collaboration in the Field of Sports (303KB)
 Minutes of the Meeting on optimum utilisation of facilities available in SAI Stadia Delhi under come & play scheme on 9.11.16 at SAI HO Delhi (1087KB)
 MOM held on 20.10.2016 in connection with setting up the SAI-National Billiard & Snooker Academy at Dr. SPMSPC, New Delhi (184KB)
 Minutes of the interaction of Honourable MOS I/C, YAS with representative of NSFs on 27.10.2016 for Sports Development. (393KB)