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Governing Body - GB

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Last Updated On: 24/09/2020 
 S. No.  Subject Date Download
01. 38th Meeting of Governing Body 06-08- 2010 Agenda | Minutes
02. 39th Meeting of Governing Body 25 -11-2011 Agenda Vol IAgenda Vol II | Minutes 
03. 40th Meeting of Governing Body 24 -07- 2013 AgendaMinutesAnnexure
04. 41st Meeting of Governing Body 24 -09- 2013 Agenda and AnnexureMinutes
05. 42nd  Meeting of Governing Body 17-12- 2013 Agenda and AnnexureMinutes
06. 43rd  Meeting of Governing Body  13-03-2015 AgendaMinutesAnnexure
07. 44th Meeting of Governing Body  25-03-2015 Agenda MinutesAnnexure
08. 45th  Meeting of Governing Body 10-07-2015 Agenda | Supplementary Agenda | MinutesAnnexure
09. 46th  Meeting of Governing Body 06-11-2015 Agenda | Minutes Annexure
10. 47th  Meeting of Governing Body 28-09-2016  Agenda MinutesAnnexure
11. 48th  Meeting of Governing Body 28-03-2017  Agenda| Supplementary Agenda | MinutesAnnexureSupplementary Annexure
12. 49th  Meeting of Governing Body 11-07-2017  Agenda|  Minutes
13. 50th  Meeting of Governing Body 04-07-2018  Agenda|  Minutes Annexure
14. 51st  Meeting of Governing Body 30-10-2018 AgendaSupplementary Agenda | Minutes
15. 52nd   Meeting of Governing Body 13-03-2020 Agenda|  Minutes  Annexure 


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