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Last Updated On: 16/01/2017 
Tenders and Notices
S.No Tender No & Description Corrigendum Opening Date Closing Date Prebid-Meeting Date Details
1 Tender Document for supply of Sports Equipment at SAI, LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram.
Published on: 12/04/2016
12/04/2016  27/04/2018    Details
2 Tender Document for Supply of Gym Equipment at STC, Akurli Road, Kandivali-East, Mumbai.
Published on: 01/09/2016
21/06/2016      Details
3 Bidding document for Supply of T-Shirts for Rio Olympic - 2016
Published on: 19/07/2016
18/07/2016  21/07/2017    Details
4 Tender Document for Engagement of Agency for Providing Skilled/ Unskilled Staff at SAI Regional Centre, Chandigarh
Published on: 29/11/2016
29/11/2016  30/12/2017    Details
5 Limited Tender for Procurement of Sports Kit for Coaches at SAI CRC Bhopal
Published on: 02/01/2017
17/01/2017      Details
6 Tender Document for Supply of Wushu Equipments for SAI Regional Centre,Bhopal
Published on: 27/12/2016
18/01/2017      Details
7 E-Bidding document for Hiring of DLY Cars for SAI HO, JLN Stadium, New Delhi
Published on: 28/12/2016
28/12/2016  23/01/2017    Details
8 E-Bidding Document For On-Line Bids For Empanelment Of Printing Agency For Printing Of Stationery Items at SAI HO Delhi
Published on: 30/12/2016
02/01/2017  24/01/2017    Details
9 Bidding Document for Providing Security Services for SAG Water Sports Centre at Alleppey, Kerala
Published on: 27/12/2016
27/12/2016  17/01/2017    Details
10 Bidding Document for the Supply of Mess Items at SAG Water Sports Centre, Alleppey, Kerala
Published on: 27/12/2016
27/12/2016  17/01/2017    Details
11 E-Bidding Document Invitation For On-Line Bids For Empanelment Of Agencies For Repairs And Renovation Of Furniture Items
Published on: 30/12/2016
01/01/2017  27/01/2017    Details
12 E-Bidding Document for providing Canteen and Catering Services at SAI,Head Office,Delhi
Published on: 30/12/2016
02/01/2017  25/01/2017    Details
13 Tender Document For Cleaning,Maintenance Of Horticulture And Various Grounds & Lawns At SAI,NSEC,Kolkata
Published on: 29/12/2016
30/12/2016  20/01/2017    Details
14 E-Bidding Document For Supply of Hockey Equipments at MDCNS,New Delhi
Published on: 29/12/2016
Corrigendum - 01
Corrigendum - 02
30/12/2016  19/01/2017    Details
15 Tender Document For Supply,Installation And Commissioning Of Sauna Bath At SAI, Regional Central Centre,Gram Gora,Bishenkheri,Bhopal,M.P
Published on: 03/01/2017
28/01/2017      Details
16 Tender Document For Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Sauna, Steem & Chilled Shower At SAI,National Boxing Academy, Rohtak
Published on: 03/01/2017
19/01/2017      Details
17 Tender Document For Procurement Of Sports Kit Of Coaches at Netaji Subhash Regional Centre,Lucknow
Published on: 06/01/2017
27/01/2017      Details
18 Tender Document For Supply of Wrestling Mats & Cover at SAI, Regional Centre, Kandivali East, Mumbai
Published on: 06/01/2017
27/01/2017      Details
19 Tender Document for Running Mess in SAI Training Centre & Master Chandgiram Stadium at Saifai Etawah
Published on: 11/01/2017
11/01/2017  30/01/2017    Details
20 Bidding Document for Running Mess in SAI Training Centre, Eluru
Published on: 12/01/2017
12/01/2017  01/02/2017    Details
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